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Laravel Livewire Starter Kit


Laravel Livewire Starter Kit consists lots of cool features to start your new project or you can learn from the project itself. You can also support for the growth of Clovon Youtube Channel so that i will get more time to make the videos to help you. Thanks

Invoice: You can add new invoice, print invoice, receive payment, view payment transactions.

Services: You can add the list of services and amount are integer based so that you will know how to use integer based price. (Eg. representing $100 as 10000 in database) and dynamic price formatting.

Team Members: You can add team members and assign specific role.

Roles: You can add multiple roles and give multiple permissions to that specific role.

Appointments: Here you will know how to use pick a day datepicker with livewire and bootstrap timepicker with livewire. Also these are reusable components so that you can use on any of your projects.

Tasks: It consists of advanced filters feature. You can filter task based on status, priority, start date and deadline. Here you will know how to add the feature for assigning multiple users to the tasks

Clients: You can add the list of clients. Here you will know how to integrate icheck plugin with livewire.

Tax: You can add dynamic tax for the invoices. Here you can add the list of taxes.

Settings: Here you will know how to integrate key value pair based settings. You can update profile information, company information and password (Here you will know how to use Laravel fortify package)

Dashboard: Dashboard consists of different stats.

Finally, You’ll get full access to source code and free future updates.

Thanks and cheers

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Laravel Livewire Starter Kit

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